Hildebrandt Rarity?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Missing Here...?

Courtesy of Empire magazine, a handy map of all of 007's travels on missions (the movies, not books) (click to embiggen):

That's the composite map...they have 29 more maps (!), broken down by individual movie or the composite for each of the Bond actors.

But a quick glance at the above map points out one glaring, amazing fact: James Bond has never been to Australia. Or Canada.


C'mon, Eon--Her majesty still rules there!! These are places where Bond's licence to kill couldn't be questioned!! And they provide some fascinating film possibilities. Who doesn't want to see James Bond and kangaroos together? A special Q-enhanced boomerang? 007 teaming up with a Mountie?!?

So, for The Hildebrandt Rarity, guys, we'd better see Bond in at least one of these poor, neglected Commonwealth realms.

P.S. Mexico wants a word, as well...