Hildebrandt Rarity?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ranking The Villains--Steel Cage Match Edition

Just in the interest of pure silliness:

Click on the image for a larger version, or just click here to see it in person. (Plug: it's a free site, you can make you own custom brackets for virtually anything...have fun.)

No, this did not entail any deep thought, and yes, I will do a more serious ranking in a bit. But some of the match-ups do make you think...


  1. It's weird, but if you'd given me a billion years I never would've thought of Alec Trevelyan as the top Bond villain. I probably wouldn't have even put him in my Top Ten.

    But now that he's been mentioned, I can't think of a valid reason why he shouldn't be. He's not as colorful as Goldfinger or some of my other favorites, but as you pointed out in your Goldeneye review, he's easily the best-defined villain of them all.

  2. Well, don't mistake this for my actual villain ranking, as I was just noodling around by playing with brackets. But, yeah, 006 is often underrated as a villain.

    Think of the final match this way: Goldfinger vs. an evil James Bond.

  3. Trevelyan's certainly an underrated villain, but I have to take a bit of umbrage at Blofeld 2.0 being taken out by Elliot Carver! Blofeld 2.0 is my favorite of the Blofelds, and the most menacing; and he utters one of my favorite lines in any Bond movie, "All right, we'll head him off at the precipice!"