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Monday, June 2, 2008

...And Don't Get Me Started On Christmas Jones...

Dr. Julius No. Auric Goldfinger. Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Emilio Largo. Oddjob. Rosa Kleb. Kronsteen. Francisco Scaramanga. Hugo Drax.

You've got to admit, Ian Fleming had a way with names, especially villains. His was an almost Dickensian talent to create a name that, by sound and meaning, conveyed these characters' menace and personality. Writers of the later movies? Not so much, usually. Franz Sanchez? Elliot Carver? Brad Whitaker? These are names you pull out of a phone book, not Bond villain names!!

Of course, such names could never occur in real life, could they? Hell, yes, they can!!

The best "real-life" Bond name ever? Lazarus Bain. Seriously. I've seen the guy's ID...that's his name!! Just let it roll off your tongue...Lazarus Bain. It's perfect...and it's 100% real.

I guess my second best "real-life" Bond name, and I'll admit it's a weak second, is Damien Manson. He played football for Michigan State about 2 decades ago...probably a better horror name than Bond villain name. But still...Damien Manson combines the Omen and Charles Manson. Now that is bad-ass...but it's still no Lazarus Bain.

So, readers, what are the best "real-life" Bond names you've encountered?


  1. A difficult order, especially since I live in a francophone worlds...

    But I knew an improv player called Max "Thunderdome" St-Cyr.

    Almost qualifies thanks to the nickname, but I'll give it some more thought.

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  3. I went to high school with a girl named Margo Savage.

  4. Bond Girl names :

    The US swimmer Misty Hymen.

    Villain names :

    US poker player : Chris Moneymaker.

    Sidekick names :

    Australian football player : Chance Bateman.