Hildebrandt Rarity?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Contest #2--Name Bond 23

I hope everybody is recovered well from the holidays, because it's time to get back into the swing of things.

It's time for another contest. Well, not so much a contest, because there are no prizes. First, I'm broker than S.P.E.C.T.R.E. after one of their failed schemes which requires billions in investment for relatively little payoff. And second, we won't know for at least a year or so who's "correct."

So, this one is just for shits and giggles. Let's help Eon out and pick the name for the next Bond feature.

Regular readers know that I'm committed to The Hildebrandt Rarity. Too unlikely, too ugly a title? That's what they said about the idea of using Quantum of Solace a year ago...Of course, Risico is still available. I don't, however, foresee any circumstance which could result in 007 In New York being used.

Or, as someone commented on a post here earlier, many of Ian Fleming's chapter titles in the Bond novels might make for fine Bond film titles. Or, you could take some phrase from one of the novels, as they did in The World Is Not Enough.

I know that doing adaptations of the continuation novels is verboten for complex rights reasons that I don't understand...but what about the titles? I always thought that Nobody Lives Forever would be a fine Bond title.

Of course, it could just be a phrase spun from out of nowhere, but sounding sufficiently Flemingesque, such as Never Say Never Again (hey, bad movie, good title).

So it's up to you, loyal readers. Throw up some suggestions/guesses/brilliant innovations in the comments section. I'll take the best ideas (my arbitrary decision again--go figure) and throw them up in a poll on the sidebar. And if Michael Wilson or Barbara Broccoli or Daniel Craig are reading, hey, who knows?

Have fun, and keep it clean.


  1. The Inhuman Element- Working title for Moonraker novel. Could refer to anything from an object to what makes Bond a spy with a licence to kill.

  2. "The Scream of a Rose."

  3. I'm the one, I think, who suggested that certain chapter titles would make great film titles, so I'll go with my favorite thereof: Casino Royale's chapter title "A Whisper of Love, a Whisper of Hate".



  5. Oops...good call, Tags, PoaL had slipped my mind...

  6. Never See the Day

  7. > I always thought that Nobody Lives Forever would be a fine Bond title.

    A little too close to the No-One Lives Forever first-person shooter games; the name was a 007 reference in that case too. Of the zillions of Bond-esque parody/homage theme songs over the years, those games had one of the best.

  8. Other than my previous suggestion ("The Scream of a Rose,") I've seen the phrase "Dead End Game" and thought it could work as a Bond title. Then I found it was the name of a cop book in the mid-90s, so I don't think EON would choose something that's already been used from something non-Bond.

    I wanted to explain "The Scream of a Rose." It's something that stuck out to me from the Moonraker novel. It begins as a discussion between Bond and Gala, where she's criticizing him for killing people, while she's off picking flowers, and Bond mentions that he read of a scientist who recorded the sound of a rose screaming when being picked, to try to get back at her in a small way. It actually does get to her, and he then takes the flower from her, making some comment like "It's just more blood on my hands." The phrase is a bit poetic, and I think it could have a few ways of being interpreted...

  9. The Wound Man

  10. "Only the devil knows"

    Taken from the description of Rosa Klebb breasts in the FRWL novel.

  11. I like "The Property of a Lady" that sounds kinda Bond-like...

  12. They wouldn't use "The Property Of A Lady" because part of that story has been used already for "Octopussy", so technically we would be watching an "Octopussy" remake. However I would love to see the story take place mainly in India again. So that the indian girl from "Slumdog Millionare" can be the next Bond Girl. As for title, I would like "Devil May Care", "Devil May Die", "Russian Roulette", "Eye Of The Storm", "The Price Of An Englishman", "Diary Of A Dead Man" or "The Anticipation Of Death"

  13. WIN LOSE
    ..........OR DIE

  14. One thing QoS has shown us is that using a Fleming title doesn't necessarily mean they'll use the Fleming story to go with it. So any of the Fleming titles are fair game, save for 007 in New York because of redundance (Live and Let Die).

    That being said, this follows a pattern I've been noticing with the last two DVD covers:

    ...........OF A LADY

    I could see a movie with that title being lighter and debonair, while still keep Bond human, complex, and professional. Not only that, but it sounds like the perfect movie title to intrduce Moneypenny and Maj. Boothroyd (Q).

    I predict that the next Bond will stick more to the old formula than the last two.

  15. How about 'Finger in the Anus'? That'd be a title no-one would be expecting?

    Or even better 'Good-bye, Mr Bond....Muhahahahahahah!'