Hildebrandt Rarity?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Democracy in Action!!

It's time for Phase 2 of Contest #2. We've had any number of suggestions for titles for Bond 23, and it's time for you, the dear readers, to vote, in the poll on the sidebar at right.

Vote, and we'll see what the teeming masses want as the next Bond title.


  1. Just taking a moment to hand our one of the five Premios Dardo awards I'm allowed to. Though I've been remiss in my comments for a while, having skipped over swathes of posts I plan to get back to soon because of time, I do enjoy this blog (and your other one) immensely. Participate in the meme at your leisure.

  2. Just wanted to stop and say that you've done a great review of the Bond cannon.

    Have you ever thought about analyzing the Bond videogames that weren't based on a specific movie? I'd love to see you take on Everything or Nothing, which had a better cast (and script) than some of Pierce's actual movies.