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Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Hail The Titan Omnibus

It's a wonderful thing when two of one's obsessions are joined together in one package. Namely, James Bond and comics.

More specifically, the Daily Express James Bond comic strips, which ran from 1958 through 1983 in England (with a hiccup here or there). They're adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels, rather than the films...in fact, most were published well before the film versions of those same stories. Eventually, they ran out of Fleming stories, and branched off into all original tales. You can read much more about their history and chronology here or here.

These were strips about about James Bond the spy, not James Bond the cartoon super agent. Numerous writers and artists worked on the adaptations and originals, including Peter O'Donnell prior to his Modesty Blaise work. They were a grittier, more realistic Bond than we're used too, as well as a good example of an art form that has since died out, at least in America: the daily adventure comic strip.

The good news is, Titan Books has done an splendid job of releasing the strips in the U.S. The bad news is, it's damnably expensive to collect them all.

But the ultra-good news is, starting in September, Titan will begin releasing them in Omnibus editions. The first one consists of their first 3 collections: Casino Royale, Dr. No, and Goldfinger. To purchase those individually on Amazon would run you about $45. To get the omnibus? $10.17. Winnage.

So if you're interested in Bond, or in classic adventure comic strips, happy days are here again.


  1. Are any of the non-fleming stories any good?

  2. I'll confess I haven't read all that many of thew non-Fleming strips; the ones I have read were a mixed bag: some good, some silly, some bad. Still, it's a Bond comic strip, right?

    But the first Omnibus is all Fleming stories, and we know how good those are...