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Friday, May 22, 2009

He Was Just Re-Enacting The Teaser From Goldeneye

Some folks are just born to be Bond (Story from MSN):

Pierce Brosnan saved Uma Thurman from a runaway minivan.

The Irish actor, who was on location filming new movie 'Percy Jackson', spotted the out-of-control vehicle speeding down a hill straight towards his blonde co-star.

A source said: 'No one was aboard the runaway van as it barrelled towards a grassy area where Uma was relaxing with cast and crew. Pierce yelled, 'Get out of the way!'

'He raced after the van, wrenched open the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed on the brakes.'

Before the actor - who played iconic British spy James Bond in four movies - managed to stop the vehicle, it hit a curb and crashed into rubbish bins - sending cast and crew running in all directions to avoid the collision.

The source added: 'Everyone scattered out of harm's way. Pierce got kudos and hero 007 jokes from Uma. The transportation crew were in trouble for not setting the van's emergency brake.'

You know damn well the Monty Norman theme was playing in his head...

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  1. Awesome. I didn't hear about that. Thats incredible. He must of had to put up with 007 jokes a lot after that. But, that really is cool that he was able to do that. Thanks for sharing.